Thursday, August 7, 2014

A day in the life of E Step

Yesterday D Step and I were talking about how difficult our boys lives are.  E Step especially has a tough life.  We decided it would be really funny to write about a day in his life.  We joked all night about how it would go.  So this morning I began taking note of everything.  Unfortunately it is mentally exhausting on me, so this will have to be a multiple part series.  I hope to continue it in the years to come for both boys.  I was cracking myself up during this.  I will have to show it to his girlfriends someday!

6:12- I am awake.  Nobody is here to pick me up immediately.  I cry
6:22- Finally Mama comes in.  She kisses me and I give her a big hug to remind her of my cuteness.  It works.
6:23- Mama lays back in her bed with me.  She wants to snuggle.
6:24- I don't want to snuggle.  I want to eat.
6:25- I leave my room and walk around the house aimlessly.
6:26- I woke my brother up.  He is cranky.  I will ignore him.  He goes to say good morning to Mama.
6:27- Dad gives me milk.  I have 4 sips and toss it on the ground.
6:28- Dad goes in the other room to get dressed.
6:36- I see the dog's water bowl.  I pick it up and dump it on the floor.  Amazing.  The water spills all over the kitchen
6:37- Mom and Dad run in.  Boy they sure are cranky this morning.  Mom picks me up to distract me while Dad cleans it up.
6:38- Mom turns the TV on and snuggles with me on the couch.  I don't want to snuggle.  I want to eat.
6:48-Mom pours me Cheerios
6:49- I want the wheat thins from the cupboard.  Mom says no.  I throw a tantrum and bash my head in the floor
6:53-Finally mom gives me cheerios and goes in the other room to make my second breakfast- pancakes.
7:03-I'm not a dog.  Why would mom put these cheerios in a bowl?  I dump the cheerios on the the table and toss the bowl over my shoulder.  The dog thinks I'm giving him a treat.  Sucker.
7:09-My brother is watching Mickey without me.  I leave the kitchen to see my main squeeze
7:12- The dog has a tail.  I should pull it.
7:13- My brother offers me milk.  How dare he!  I run away to watch Mickey.
7:28- Mom is making pancakes.  I am really hungry.  Why don't these people feed me?
7:29- I run to Mama and give her legs a big hug.  She is busy. She picks me up and goes in the kitchen with me.  She gives me a pancake.  Finally.
7:30- I finish the pancake.  I am starving still.  She's holding out on me. I run away.
7:33- Mom picks me up and puts me in the high chair at the table.  She hands me another pancake and calls me a piggy.
7:35- I finish the pancake.  I'm still hungry.
7:36- Mom gives me another pancake.
7:38- I finish the pancake.  I'm still hungry.  Mom tells me that's enough pancakes.  She gets me grapes.
7:40- I don't want this grape in my mouth anymore.  I spit it out and toss it on the floor.  Mom runs in and grabs it before the dog can eat it.  I don't know why she freaks out when I try to give the dog grapes.
7:41- She walks away.  My brother tries to distract me by offering me cheerios.  I'm cranky
7:45- Mom comes in and picks me up.
7:47- I want something in the fridge.  Mom yells at me as I open the door.  I found grapes.  Yum.  I love grapes!
7:48- Mom catches me trying to get a grape.  She picks me up and puts me on the couch.
7:53- I crawl on the top of the couch.  Mom doesn't like it when I do that.  She comes in and yells at both my brother and I.
7:58- I found binoculars.  I play with them a long time.
8:03- I run in the kitchen while Mom is cleaning up.  I show her the binoculars.  She shows me how to use them.  She looks funny.
8:10- Mom is cleaning up again.  I sneak in the kitchen and steal another pancake from the counter.
8:13- I am bored.  I toss my pancake on the floor.  Mom picks it up just before the dog comes in and spots it.
8:14- I'm hungry.  I want a pancake.
8:15- I open the fridge.  I spot apples.  Mom says no.  I throw a tantrum.  She goes in the kitchen and cuts up the apple she was trying to eat.
8:18- I run in Mom and Dad's room and throw the fan into the wall.  Mom runs in.
8:20- Mom finally sits down to eat breakfast.
8:24- I can't find Mom.  Found her in the bathroom. She is sitting on that ceramic hole of water that makes things disappear.
8:25- I discover Mom has pajama pants at her ankles.  I attempt to get inside, but then remember she has a belly button.  I want to give her raspberries!
8:26- I decide I want to sit on Mom's lap.  I crawl up.  My brother walks in.  Mom seems annoyed, but I'm giving her the sweetest face.  Then I spot that rectangular thing that she talks to people on and types with.  I want it now.  She hands it to me but it isn't doing anything exciting. She locked it.
8:27- Mom picks me up and brings me in the other room.  I arch my back and toss and turn.  Then I spot the fridge again.
8:28- I find yogurt inside.  I want it! I grab one for each hand.  Mom says I can only have 1.  She opens it for me.  It is good.
8:30- Mom comes to check on me with the rectangular thing again.  I am covered in yogurt.  I even squeeze some on the chair and my belly for the dog.  I like to share.

8:33- Mom cleans my hands and takes my clothes off.  Hey I have a penis!  I have to touch it!
8:34- I run in the other room to show my brother my penis.  He calls me a naked booty.  I run away.
8:36- Mom comes in the room with clothes and a diaper.  She can't catch me!  I run away.  She gives up and walks away
8:39- I found binoculars and go to show Mom.  She picks me up and says, "Gotcha!"  She grabs my clothes and diaper and lays me on the ground to get me dressed.  She fooled me again!
8:40- Mom attempts to get my clothes on.  While she is putting my diaper on, she starts counting to three.  I know what this means- my favorite thing.  She is going to give me raspberries when she says three!  She gets to 2.  I can't wait any longer!  I yell "three!" and she gives me raspberries on my belly.  This is the life.
8:41- She wants to put my arms in the holes of my onesie, but I'm holding the binoculars.  She rips my hand away from them.  Eventually I'm dressed.  But I can't find my penis anymore!  I can't believe it's gone!
8:49- I found a toy car!

9:05- My brother is going potty.  I have to come watch.
9:06- He comes in the kitchen without any clothes on.  Hey he has a penis!  I used to have one of those!  I wonder where it went.  I wish I could touch it.

To be continued....

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Touring the USS Midway

Though the weather was still not perfectly clear, we got out of the house today and headed to the USS Midway in San Diego.  It was the longest serving aircraft carrier of the 20th century, over 200,000 sailors have served on the carrier.  I have never been on a carrier before, so it was a learning experience for the boys and I.  

The museum was perfect for the boys because it was very interactive.  There were buttons to press, and even rides.  Z Step got to go on a virtual ride with daddy and was so excited.  

Z step is at the bottom testing out some seats.  He insisted on wearing a seatbelt.  When the first one was broken he had to find one that wasn't.  

Z Step was very excited to see the yellow plane on his ticket.  

this was glass that you could look down at and see the engine
After the rides and some exploring it was time for lunch.  They boys devoured their food, as always, and went to explore the flight deck.  
Z Step waiting on his food.  I love this photo!

Recognize this?  This is what hubby flew in when he was deployed on the Essex.  We couldn't leave the museum without buying a toy for the boys
We then went downstairs to explore some of what life aboard the ship was like.  
Some of the details in the ship
We are enjoying being semi-close to a lot of fun things, and this trip was a reminder of that.  We made great friends, and the boys had a blast.  We look forward to exploring San Diego a little more in future visits.  I liked it much better than Santa Monica and Los Angeles, that's for sure.  

Saturday, August 2, 2014

New but old friends

When we moved to California, we knew we were in for a very special bond of friendships, much like in Okinawa.  We had heard wonderful things about the military community, but we hadn't thought about the community of friends we would meet outside of the USMC.  

This weekend, we ventured into Vista, CA to visit some old friends of Daddy Step's.  He grew up with both the husband and wife, and has fond memories together.  They live out in Vista, CA now with their adorable children.  As it may be- they are extremely close in age to Z Step and E Step, and one even share a name.  

Vista was not nearly as far as I imagined.  It was 2 1/2 hours with no stops, which is quite impressive for California traffic.  It was a really pretty drive, we drove through the desert, lots of farms, vineyards, and eventually into Vista, which is just a drive from the Pacific Ocean.  California really does change dramatically with just a short drive!  

Eventually we made it, and the kids immediately began playing.  Our boys have been without many toys for months now, and they really needed the social interaction and kid-friendly home.  This was a perfect weekend getaway.  

Unfortunately, the rain followed us into Vista.  Can you believe it has rained 6 times since we have moved out here?  I thought it hardly ever rains!  I am beginning to not believe that fact anymore.  Our beach day on Saturday was rained out, but we made the best of it.  Lots of playing, a playground, and dinner off the grill.  We have really missed grilling- we still don't have a home or our things.  
They see me rollin...

They had so much fun.  Unfortunately I was having some camera issues and didn't get the most clear shots

Z Step was so excited to feed the lizards crickets

E Step taking some guidance on proper chalk technique

Z Step and E Step really needed this weekend.  Not only do we need to escape Twentynine Palms from time to time, but we also needed to play with some kids our age.  This was perfect, as they all hit it off so well.  Z Step cried and was begging us to turn around in the car to go back to his friends.  There was talk of marriage and a baby with their oldest girl.  I'm not sure if I'm ready for that one yet!